Massage Therapy

Massage Therapist in Robbinsville, NJ

Does pain or restricted movement keep you from living the life you want? Massage therapy may be the answer. Sports injuries, household accidents, repetitive actions on the job, and tension from everyday stresses can all cause problems that, too often, take up permanent residence in our bodies.

Massage can help. Massage is a gentle therapy that can relieve pain and, in combination with other appropriate health care measures, can help heal certain conditions and prevent their return. In some cases, massage can reduce or even eliminate the need for medication or surgery. However, finding the time to take out of busy schedules is not always easy to see a massage therapist regularly. You might want to consider a mobile in-home massage so that you can fit the treatment around your lifestyle.

Niesi Driscoll, Licensed Massage Therapist

Niesi is a certified massage therapist and graduate of Our Lady of Lourdes Institute of Holistic Studies. She has been a practicing massage therapist for over twelve years as well as a Reiki practitioner. She has an integrative style that blends relaxation with therapeutic techniques. Niesi believes that massage can calm the mind, relax the body and nurture the spirit. Her goal is to have a positive effect on each person she touches and give individuals another choice in their healthcare options. Niesi is a member of the American Massage Therapy Association.

Sandra Varga, Licensed Massage Therapist

Sandra has worked in the healing arts for more than two decades. She has experience in several specialty areas such as emergency medicine, women’s health, oncology and many more. Sandra began studying the 5000 year old art of massage in 2007 by working closely with her mentor Nationally Certified Massage Therapist, Bodyworker, Hope Dembrosky. Sandra received her credentials in massage from Premier Education Group in 2009 and has quickly gained popularity primarily for her “think outside the box” approach to massage. Sandra offers a wide variety of modalities to choose from and in some instances uses a variety of techniques in a single session to create a treatment based on the individual needs of her clients. Sandra believes it is important to educate her clients so that they may begin to become more in tune with their bodies. A treatment with Sandra is truly a unique and healing experience. To learn more about Sandra please feel free to visit her personal website at

Jodie Allegar, Licensed Massage Therapist

Jodie Allegar is a New Jersey licensed massage therapist and Reiki practitioner. As a 2008 graduate of the Massage Arts Center of Philadelphia, she was drawn towards several areas of bodywork. Her preferred practice is a combination of balancing the body-mind, relaxation, and relieving pain through trigger point and myofascial release.

Jodie’s attention to whole-body wellness allows her to provide superior therapeutic touch to her patients. She works with each one to discover how she can facilitate the most effective experience.  Not long into her career, Jodie recognized the true healing power of massage and chose early on she would prefer to work alongside doctors to treat those most in need. Happily enough, she was able to join the folks at Washington Wellness Center in 2020.

Alyssa Breece, Licensed Massage Therapist

Alyssa graduated from Body In Mind Massage Institute in 2018. She has received certifications in aromatherapy, trigger point work, therapeutic headache release, and cupping, along with many more coming in the near future. She is a member of Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals and has been since 2017. Her massages include techniques in Swedish massage, deep tissue treatments, hot stone, cold stone, reflexology, chair massage, sports massage, Sciatica treatment, and myofascial release. She works hard to provide her clients with the correct techniques to help the ailments they came in with. She is very motivated to learn more in the world of massage therapy and to use what she learns to give her clients a better massage experience.