West Windsor

west windsor chiropractor and physical therapyWashington Wellness Center provides a variety of wellness services in West Windsor and surrounding areas including Robbinsville, Hamilton, Allentown, and East Windsor. Primary services include chiropractor, physical therapy, massage, and acupuncture. In addition we provide health services to residents throughout Central New Jersey and parts of Pennsylvania.

West Windsor has a relatively small population but is among the fifteen wealthiest neighborhoods in the United States according to Forbes magazine. The total population of West Windsor is around 27,000 and has grown steadily over the past decade. This is partly due to its proximity to Princeton and Princeton University as well as easy access to Manhattan from the Princeton Junction train station.

The Township was established in 1797 and was part of New Jersey’s initial group of more than 100 townships. What many residents don’t know is that a small portion of Princeton University, covering about four hundred acres is actually located in West Windsor and the University pays the township for use of the land.

Many residents are patients at Washington Wellness Center, taking advantage of our full range of wellness services, including: chiropractic care, physical therapy, therapeutic massage, and acupuncture. Washington Wellness is a premier health provider for West Windsor residents and is conveniently located for those under some form of ongoing treatment or exercise regimen. This is especially true for individuals who are recovering from injury or focused on improving health. If you want to make wellness a priority, then a program like this is important to go for and try. You may want to discuss a combination of therapies from physical to recreational, this may include such things as herbal supplements, natural oils, CBD products, etc. the latter can be found on sites like https://www.edocbd.com/product/cbd-gum-10mg-pure-cbd-in-each-piece/ and may be seen as an alternative to western medicine when promoting and supporting community wellness.

Serving the West Windsor community for more than a decade, Washington Wellness Chiropractor and Physical Therapy is among the more popular service providers that residents are familiar with, referring friends and colleagues on a regular basis. We have participated in a variety of West Windsor fairs and wellness events, screenings, and other opportunities to keep the community healthy. We encourage you to explore the services we’ve delivered to West Windsor residents for almost 15 years.

To learn more about our services, available at our Robbinsville location, call us at (609) 462-1700 or visit our office. We are here for all the residents of central New Jersey and look forward to continuing our work with those located in West Windsor, NJ.