Neck pain caused by texting is on the rise

neck painTexting on your phone or typing on the computer, it can all be a pain in the neck–literally. In fact, pain in your neck caused by spending too much time on your device is a real ailment called “text neck” and it’s becoming more common.

Doctors say the reason for this is because the average person spends more than eight hours a day on some type of electronic device. This includes computers, tablets, and mobile phones.

One of the more common places we see this occur is with office workers who multitask throughout the day.  Think about the receptionist at your doctor or dentist’s office. They work greeting patients, cradling a phone, working on a computer, and texting on their cell phone throughout the day.

Over time, these repetitive tasks can have a negative impact on our neck, shoulders, and upper back. Millions of people seek a chiropractic, acupuncture, or massage therapy solution to their problems resulting from repetitive strains at work.

Kids, too, can experience the same kinds of problems adults do. Our teenagers are often on their computers or mobile devices from the time they wake up until they go to sleep. Many teenagers are seeking care at Washington Wellness Center for the same symptoms their parents complain of.

The question is what can we do to prevent text neck and other related problems of the spine.

Here are a few practical suggestions.

    1. Get up from your desk or chair every 30 minutes. Set a timer if necessary to remind you to get up and move.
    2. Inquire about a sit/stand desk apparatus for your workstation. Many companies today are willing to provide their employees with this type of ergonomic modification to their work space.
    3. Build a walk into your work day. Studies have shown that workers who take a 30 minute walk at lunch experience lower incidents of neck pain, headaches, shoulder pain and back pain.

If after making these changes you are still experience pain, give us a call at Washington Wellness Center. Our experienced staff is ready to assist you.